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​Photos tell a story for me, not in the most basic sense but in my imagination.  I believe capturing a moment in time is an emotional experience and should cause a reaction in those that are viewing the photo.  At least that is my intention.  

Photos like any art, make people think, discuss or simply smile.

I started my journey in photography on a 1978 Canon Ae-1 35mm.    I self taught myself and eventually transitioned to digital in 2007.  Through the years, and a few different types of digital cameras, I eventually transitioned to Iphone photography.  This was not about was about finally finding a way to instantly define the emotion I was feeling when I took a photo.   


There are many debates both for and against Iphone photography.  

But who wants to spend their time debating?  I say, just make art as you feel art should be made!


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